7 years of a collaborative approach

neutral and inclusive initiative dedicated to tax competition and tax cooperation

In an era marked by globalization and extraordinary technological advances worthy of the best Sci-Fi tales, the current principles underlying global taxation address archaic needs. Indeed, while multiple corporations of the past decade have acquired a global dimension, tax authorities are confined within the limits of national borders.
This unprecedented situation allows international taxpayers to choose their tax residency at will and pressures states to compete if they wish to attract and retain local and international investors. Governments thus feel constrained to lower corporate tax rates and provide a plethora of tax benefits to stimulate short-term economic recovery and growth.

TaxCOOP aims to foster broad collaboration and a profound reflection, which are essential to the establishment of an effective and equitable tax system to meet the great challenges facing our world. TaxCOOP is an invitation for everyone to stop and jointly reflect. We appeal to government officials, politicians, business people, academics and members of civil society from around the world to attend this unique initiative and reflect on the issue of tax competition between states and taxpayers.

Previous conferences

Each TaxCOOP event offers a unique forum to express a wide range of perspectives, as proposed by politicians, tax administrations, finance ministries, tax experts, tax advisers, international organizations, NGOs, civil society, academia and the business sector. Since 2015, TaxCOOP events have been held successively at the headquarters of the World Bank, the United Nations and the OECD.