call for projects 2022

Carte blanche


Congratulations to the winners of TaxCOOP’s Call for Projects Carte Blanche.

Winner – Prof Annet Oguttu

Acting Head of Department of Taxation and Professor, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences | University of Pretoria

Project – Ensuring an Effective System for Taxing Billionaires and Other High Net Worth Individuals: an African Perspective


Winner – EU Tax Observatory

Research Team

Giulia Aliprandi, Post-Doctoral Researcher, EU Tax Observatory

Sarah Godar, Researcher, EU Tax Observatory

Theresa Neef, Research fellow, EU Tax Observatory

Gaspar Richard, Research assistant, Eu Tax Observatory

Administration and Communication Team

Léo Tamayo, Partnership Director, EU Tax Observatory

Friederike Jaich, Communication and events assistant

Project – Taxing Billionaires: the Role of Corporate Tax


Winner – Dr Sally-Ann Joseph

Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation | UNSW Business School | UNSW Sydney

Project – The Global Natural Resource Consumption Tax


Winner – Iris

Research Team

Colin Pratte, Research Fellow, Iris

Bertrand Schepper, Researcher, Iris

Project – The Modal Shift From Private Vehicles to Public Transit: Which Fiscal Policy Tools to Achieve It?



Since its inauguration in 2015, TaxCOOP has contributed to the official recognition of a race to the bottom in taxation that led to the adoption of the global minimum corporate tax. After having held a World Tax Summit in 2020, as planned, it is now time to pass on to others the means to carry out their research, mobilization, or collaborative initiatives, with the objective of advancing tax regimes on issues at the heart of TaxCOOP’s concerns.

Our organization has always respected and admired the ideas and genius of others. Involving individuals, groups, and ideologies from different backgrounds is fundamental to its mission. This call for projects is thus part of the legacy of cooperation in tax policy that TaxCOOP bequeaths to posterity.

Taxation is a crucial tool in the fight against economic, social, and environmental inequalities, which affect and threaten us all. There is still a great deal of work to be done if the economy is to serve every nation and every individual fairly.

We are counting on you to take over and participate in the transformation of tax policy.