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TaxCOOP engages in action at the heart of the global tax forum. TaxCOOP meets great leaders, conducts interviews and organizes various contests and projects in preparation for its major event TaxCOOP2020 the World Tax Summit. TaxCOOP in action newsletters report on their most important activities and discoveries.

Report presented at COP25

Report 1%

For a Global Environmental Tax System: New Tools

« We can no longer ignore the difficulties of implementing carbon pricing as proposed by the international community for some years now. Faced with the environmental emergency, it is now time to develop
new tax solutions that are complementary to those currently proposed. The modernization of international taxation and new technologies allow new options for global environmental taxation that are important to explore.»

For a Global Environmental Tax System: New Tools

2019. For a Global Environmental Tax System: New Tools. Brigitte Alepin with the collaboration of Louise Otis and Lyne Latulippe. Presented at COP25. 15p.


Winning the tax wars, 2016

Over the past few decades, the concentration of wealth and property in the hands of a few has been facilitated by tax evasion, tax avoidance, and above all by tax competition. Fortunately, a determined move toward international cooperation among tax authorities is gathering its forces for the battle.

Stemming from a 2016 conference initiated by the Canadian nonprofit organization TaxCOOP, convened by the World Bank and bringing together well-known taxation experts from prominent international organizations, the book presents outstanding contributions highlighting the impacts of tax competition and viable solutions.

Winning the Tax Wars

2016. Winning the tax wars : Tax Competition and Cooperation. Edited by Brigitte Alepin, Blanca Moreno-Dodson, Louise Otis. Series on International Taxation : Wolters Kluwer. 181p.

TaxCOOP in action! – March 20, 2020

Are Tax Systems Relevant and Adapted to Face the Challenge of Current and Oncoming Crises?

“Do tax regimes allow for adequate state funding, social equity and relevant investments in a timely manner to deal with current and future social, environmental and economic crises?”


TaxCOOP in action!– March 20, 2020

The taxation of digital giants

“From the French digital service tax to the threat of American retaliation to a possible OECD multilateral agreement at the end of 2020.”

Content: Laurent Suissa