Revenu Québec Invites You to Take Part In TaxCOOP2020 – World Tax Summit

What are your views on tax administration in the 21st century?

Remote Interview Project

A little over a year ago, we convened in Montréal to attend CÉNAF 2019. This symposium held on the impact of digital economy provided taxation authority representatives and various experts with a venue to hold productive discussions.

Revenu Québec invites you to further the discussion by allowing the public to hear your views about tax administration in the 21st century. Take part in the TaxCOOP 2020 The World Tax Summit online event, which will be held in October by Revenu Québec as a partner of the summit.

As part of this summit, Revenu Québec has partnered with TaxCoop2020 to hold a major online event, next 14th of October, on the theme of “taxation administration in the 21st century.”

To confirm your participation, please write to and provide three or four time slots for your online interview, between August 24 and 28, 2020.


1 – In your country, what does digitalization of the economy involve and what is its impact on taxation administration?

2 – What main challenges and issues will tax administration have to face in the next few decades?

3 – How can tax administration instill a positive attitude among the public regarding compliance?

4 – How can tax administration become innovative leaders in their service to the public?

5 – What long-term consequences will tax administration have to face due to the current pandemic?



Video interview recorded on Teams (Microsoft)

You will receive a hyperlink in advance to help you log in to Teams.

Log in is free of charge.



Please set aside a 60-minute time slot in your planner for this project. The interview should last 10 to 30 minutes.



You will be offered a time slot.



Karina Lehoux, host of CÉNAF 2019, held in Montréal



In French or English, according to your preference



Please make sure that you have a wire Internet connection to your modem using an Ethernet cable (direct connection instead of WIFI), in order to maintain a quality video interview and respect the limit of your time slot (60 minutes) for this project.



Available on the TaxCoop 2020 event platform, starting this fall (date to be confirmed)

To confirm your participation, please write to and provide three or four time slots for your online interview, between August 24 and 28, 2020.


TaxCOOP 2020 Sommet Mondial Fiscalité

neutral and inclusive forum dedicated to tax competition and tax cooperation

In an era marked by globalization and extraordinary technological advances worthy of the best Sci-Fi tales, the current principles underlying global taxation address archaic needs. Indeed, while multiple corporations of the past decade have acquired a global dimension, tax authorities are confined within the limits of national borders.
This unprecedented situation allows international taxpayers to choose their tax residency at will and pressures states to compete if they wish to attract and retain local and international investors. Governments thus feel constrained to lower corporate tax rates and provide a plethora of tax benefits to stimulate short-term economic recovery and growth.

TaxCOOP aims to foster broad collaboration and a profound reflection,  which are essential to the establishment of an effective and equitable tax system to meet the great challenges facing our world. TaxCOOP is an invitation for everyone to stop and jointly reflect. We appeal to government officials, politicians, businesspeople, academics and members of civil society from around the world to attend this unique forum and reflect on the issue of tax competition between states and taxpayers.