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Taxes help finance public services and programs offered to each individual and community, contributing to reducing inequalities and creating a fair and equitable society for all. The voluntary contribution of all individuals through the payment of their fair share of taxes is essential to support such a society.
TaxCOOP is launching the TaxCOOOP Tax Responsible Society Innovation Contest, with the aim of raising awareness about the social purpose of taxes and promoting a fiscally responsible society, where everyone voluntarily supports the collective good. We seek to gather suggestions that a tax administration could implement in order to raise awareness about the importance of all individuals paying their fair share of taxes in order to ensure and support the ability of governments to provide adequate and sufficient public services to the collectivity.

Do you have an idea of an initiative that a tax administration could put forward to raise awareness about the important role the collection of taxes plays in society and to increase taxpayers’ voluntary tax compliance? Participate in the TaxCOOP Tax Responsible Society contest!

Who can participate?

This competition is open to everyone, regardless of age and field. Ideas can be submitted individually or in teams. As a citizen, your place in this discussion is crucial. Share your ideas with us, get involved in the creation of society as you envision it. 

How to participate?

Submit a 500 to 700 words proposal on the TaxCOOP Website. Your proposal should describe an initiative that promotes a tax-responsible society, whether that be through raising awareness about the important social role of taxation, or by providing ways in which a tax administration can increase the voluntary contribution of taxes by taxpayers.

The proposal should include a measure, program, regulation, incentive, or any other initiative aimed in helping citizens work together towards the creation of a fiscally responsible society. Present the initiative briefly by describing its main parameters.

This is an innovation contest, originality is encouraged!

What is a tax-responsible society ?

A tax-responsible society is one that promotes tax justice and equality for all. A society in which everyone is aware of the social role of taxation, namely the importance of tax revenues in a government’s ability to reduce economic and social inequalities by providing appropriate programs and services to all individuals and communities. In a tax-responsible society, citizens (whether individuals or corporations) voluntarily contribute their fair share of taxes, as opposed to resorting to the underground economy, to ensure an elaborate range of public programs and services are offered to all.
What are elements of a tax-responsible society for you? Do you have solutions on how to promote the creation of a tax-responsible society? Do you know ways to raise awareness about the role of taxation in reducing inequality and increase voluntary tax compliance? Submit your ideas to the TaxCOOP Tax Responsible Society Innovation Contest, open for proposals until September 25, 2020.


The authors of the 5 best suggestions will have the opportunity to present their ideas to the TaxCOOP jury of experts, where two finalists will be selected. These finalists will have the chance to present their solutions in front of a live virtual audience during TaxCOOP2020 – World Tax Summit on October 14, 2020, amongst world leaders in the international tax community. During the event, the winner will be chosen by public vote.

The winner of the TaxCOOP Tax Responsible Society will be awarded:

  • A $2,500 CAD bursary
  • The TaxCOOP Tax Responsible Society Innovation Award
  • An invitation to attend TaxCOOP2021

The finalist of the TaxCOOP Tax Responsible Society will be awarded :

  • A $500 CAD bursary
  • An invitation to attend  TaxCOOP2021

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