An international conference on tax competition

The first TaxCOOP conference will take place in Montreal at the Museum of Fine Arts. Many renowned speakers will speak on the key theme of tax competition.

Program and sponsors

Opening Remarks

Brigitte Alepin, tax specialist, author and professor, will introduce the very first TaxCOOP conference (in French), and Natalie St-Pierre, tax partner at Richter, will present the complex challenge of tax competition (in English).

It’s legal, but is it moral? Tax morality and its limits

The ethical issue of morality has always been one of TaxCOOP’s concerns. The question will be examined in a captivating conference by three experts: Jean-Pierre Vidal, professor at the HEC in Montréal and specialist in tax ethics and international taxation (in French from 0:00 to 3:55); followed by Brian Arnold, Senior Adviser of the Canadian Tax Foundation (in English from 3:56 to 21:15); and concluding with Alison Holder, Director of Inequalities and Fiscal Policy at Oxfam (in English from 21:20 to 39:00).

The Great Debate

Question – Is tax transparency an effective solution?


Dan Mitchel Economist; Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

Richard Murphy Accountant; political economist


Louise Otis International Administrative Judge and Arbitrator; assistant professor, McGill University

Jay K. Rosengard Professor, Harvard Kennedy School

Learn the facts at this corporate tax trial with a participatory jury. Going beyond biases and overly easy solutions, this debate will seek to shed light on the future of corporate taxation. Experts will present relevant facts, along with their solutions and arguments regarding the value of this source of tax revenue. Opposing views will clash in an impartial and educational trial format.

Mr. Mitchell’s participation was made possible by the contribution of: IDEM, in collaboration with the Stikeman Chair on Tax Law at the McGill Faculty of Law and the Institute for Research in Contemporary Economy (IRÉC)